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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Turtle Has Come Ashore

I have less than a week until I go in for surgery on my back. By this time next week I will already be recovering, most likely with new hardware installed.

I'm not going to worry and stress my self out. Not yet at least. Even though surgery always carries serious risks, I have a giant network of support behind me. I'm so lucky to have my amazing family and friends as well as all the faceless members of the facebook mob.

The upcoming surgery will change my life in a couple of ways, one of which being I can't use the pool while I have stitches in my back. The pool is one of my favorite parts of the week, a time when I can simply float there and be completely weightless and free. Or I can goof around and move faster than I could ever hope to on land. I am a completely different animal.

I do aquatherapy once a week and as I pulled myself out of the pool I had the image of a sea turtle coming ashore to lay eggs. This is kind of like that, my temporary hiatus from the water. I have been more maneuverable on land of late than in a long time, to be sure, but I will still miss the water. I'm not gone for good but I will have to sit on the sidelines for a little bit.

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