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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The 'Does it hurt HERE' game

For all of you out there I hope you had a happy turkey day. I usually look forward to the food centered coma that takes up most of my day. Unfortunately I didn't get to enjoy the time after Thanksgiving. Many of you know that I have a neurogenic bowel, meaning that the nerves to some of my intestines do not function. Some of you will remember me explaining the painful process of being FOS. Now thanks to a hearty turkey dinner (and an over-fondness for cheeseits) I am once again suffering from FOS. What this means in practical terms is that my ribs and back are extremely sore. That's about it.

I bring this up because whenever I am sore and have to explain this to my parents (both of whom have medical backgrounds) I have to show where it is that I am sore. This inevitably leads to the game I've named "Does it hurt HERE?" This leads to them poking me in the back in places that are almost guaranteed to be sore already. And now you want to poke them...

This game does have real practical uses. It helps doctors and nurses ascertain where the problem is and what can be done. The frustrating part is having to be told "well, it could be a lot of things...". UNHELPFUL!!! Why couldn't you have said that before you starting hitting the spots that are already uncomfortable?!?

Now, to change the tone of this post, here is a dancing lizard:

I hope that improved your day a little. It sure improved mine.

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