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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Freedom, Distance, and Limits

I'm finally out of the hospital! We've rented an apartment for a week while we're here. It's downtown, on the 23rd floor with a view of all of downtown Baltimore. Breathtaking!

I've been able to walk farther and farther each day. Yesterday I made it down the hall and back. We've estimated that the distance is about a block when I walk the whole length of the building. Today I pushed my limits: I walked down the hall, down to the mezzanine level where they had the business meeting rooms and a computer lab, down to the first floor lobby, and then up to the 23rd floor again, returning to the hallway outside the apartment.We've estimated that we walked a little over 2 blocks.

I figured since I made it that far I could keep going. I started walking to the end of the hall. Midway through I started feeling light headed. My mom, who was walking with me, said I was starting to look more and more pale. I realized that my walk was ending so beelined for the door. I made it before anything bad actually happened but I discovered the limit of my endurance.

It's actually really nice to know what my limits are. It's the only way you can set goals, the only way you can improve. When I go to PT they always ask what my goals are for my time with them. Tomorrow I'll be able to tell them that by the end of the week I want to be able to walk farther than those two block. I want to be able to recognize my new limits, which will be farther than the ones I have now. Limits are good once you recognize that it's possible to move beyond them.

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  1. Hi Peter, don't know if you remember me but it's Gretchen W from Zoo Corps. Kathy sent us a link to your blog today and I've been reading it and I just wanted to say that I am so impressed by your strength and optimism. Best of luck in your recovery and have a wonderful new year.