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Friday, December 16, 2011

One Foot Out The Door

I'm going to be released from the hospital tomorrow and am I ever ready to go. It hasn't been nearly as bad as some of my past stays but time in a hospital is never fun.

I'm at a better starting point than I was for my past surgeries. Before surgery I was able to walk short distances without canes and long distances with them. I'm not going to try walking without canes yet, lest I damage my back so early on but I know eventually I'll have that back. I have begun walking around the floor earlier in the week, walking to the nurses station, three or four doors down from mine. Today, accompanied by my mother, I walked past the nurses station to the end of the hall, kept walking until the floor looped around; I was gone for about 15 minutes walking a total distance of about a block. I'm not yet ready for the Boston marathon but I am getting stronger.

I'm happy to report that all systems are working as they should. I written before on whether or not certain bodily functions should be social skills. This is a reminder to myself that my circumstances are changed from what they were before the accident if people are genuinly interested and concerned about certain bodily habits. But to all those who keep an eye on such things, all systems are go.

Things are going to be different tomorrow: I will not have a staff of nurses waiting on my needs, I will have to motivate myself, take care of all my needs myself or ask my parents for help, and remember to take all needed medications at their proper times. I am forced to grow up a little bit more each time I go through this. It's good for me in the end though I don't have to like it. It's time to go from the young adult turtle I started as and transform into the adult turtle I am. What this will look like I am not sure, but I can guarantee that it won't be boring. So stay tuned.

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