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Sunday, May 9, 2010


I hope at some point all my readers have seen the movie Avatar. If not, then I'm sorry but this post includes lots of spoilers.

Now the movie is great in a lot of respects: the graphics are amazing, the colors vibrant, the story engaging, the acting well done. I have to say that being in a wheelchair has given me special attachment to this movie to say the least. It's not hard to see why, with a wheelchair bound man suddenly in a body of such power and grace.

I've now heard several people comment on how they made Sam Worthington's knees look like he had been in a wheelchair for some time: pale, knobbly, with obvious atrophy. My hat's off to you makeup and special effects. But the most realistic was how used to it he seemed, how resigned to the chair he lived in.

So you can understand how his first glace at his new avatar feet would be one of longing; how digging his toes into dirt would be something a feeling better than an orgasm. Now that I have one leg back and can do that with my right set of toes, I admit I have done the same thing. I obviously can't do the sprint that he did, but I got out of my chair and dug my toes into the grass, savoring the feeling. Every nerve in my foot was feeling the earth and the plants beneath my feet. I felt alive and connected, capable of great things. To think that this simple action was impossible not long ago. Grass has never been so green and my toes have never enjoyed themselves so much.

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