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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Return to the Water

In case you didn't know, if you have an open incision (such as the kind you'd get from surgery) you're not allowed to swim. Swimming greatly increases the chance of infection and causes the scar to heal really strangely. My body heals extremely slowly ever since the accident, so the incisions should have taken a month to heal has taken almost 3 months! But finally I'm getting BACK IN THE WATER!!!

Awesome turtles thanks to surf photographer Clark Little

The sea turtle has become my symbol in more ways than I had ever imagined: I'm slow and awkward on land but in the water I can dominate. I've been aching to swim for ages now; I always feel slightly incomplete without the water to play in. Besides being a great workout, it loosens all my joints giving me freedom of movement that I don't usually enjoy.

Since my hiatus from the water, I've become significantly more mobile on land. There are however many moves that simply cannot be performed with canes and a gimp leg. In the water these limitations vanish. Suddenly, I can perform headstands, do flips, do karate kicks, and move my body in ways that only bring frustration when I attempt them on land.

When I'm in the water I feel like a crippled ninja!

The moves I can perform now on land were the ones I was practicing in the water only a few months ago. So the crazier I get in the water now the better I will be able to move on land soon enough. Are you ready?

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