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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Turtle Speed in Trafic

Last Post: Balance Test and Clubbing

The last post time I talked about going out into a club and having a blast. This time, not so much. I got separated from my friends for a few minutes in a crowd. I have a bit of difficulty walking in in straight lines, due to the lack of some key stabilizing muscles of my trunk and leg. So I ended up knocking into a few people, who all apologized to me before I had time to even start one of my own.

What the world looks like ALL the time.
I did find my friends in short order but this is just another example of how turtle speed has impacted my life. "Turtle Speed" is the name my friends have given to my sluggish pace; it comes in two varieties, the limp and hyper speed. My pace has increased since I've started walking, with the limp about as fast as my old top speed and hyper speed akin to the speed walk. My speed continues to improve with time, so I have high hopes.

In the mean time I will spend countless hours catching up, flagging down friends who got ahead of me, and undoubtedly getting lost. It's a good thing I'm not in a rush...

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