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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Return of the Bubble

It has been a while since I wrote anything. I've been struggling to catch with all the work for school I missed during my stay in Baltimore and now I'm cramming for finals. This is my way of taking a break in between studying. Plus I need to update everyone where I am physically.

My last post, I still had one drain left in my back to get rid of all the residual fluid that builds up after surgery. The drains are now all out but the trouble is not over. Within a week of the drains being pulled a bubble of excess fluid began forming underneath the skin.

The bubble of fluid isn't nearly this pretty. 

We were left with no choice but to cut the bubble open, clean it out, and stuff it full of treated packing material. The packing material will keep the wound clean and soak up all the excess fluid. I am not thrilled by the whole process; the wound needs to be cleaned and dressed several times a day. This has left my skin a mess from all the tape continually coming on and off. The entire process of packing the wound is supposed to delay the closing of the wound while soaking up any pus/fluid that's still leaking.The wound heals from the bottom up much like a zipper closing.

I've been sewn up and stapled up but this is my first time being zipped up.

To be honest I'd rather deal with this wound care then have my tail back again. At least this way I can roll over. I still have the PICC line in my arm, delivering IV antibiotics but I only have to change that every couple of days. Medically things are moving in their usual slow pace while the rest of my life zooms along. But what else is new. I've gotten to like my 'Turtle Pace' and those who don't like going that slow can zoom on ahead. This turtle still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Turtle Hyper Speed

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