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Sunday, April 15, 2012

I want SLEEP!

For those who've been following my progress I got 2 of the 3 drains in my back taken out. The one left in is draining slightly more than the doctors like so I'll get it taken out later this week. So my horse tail is smaller but still there.

We all WANT to be this cool but not all of us can...

The horse tail is annoying because I keep it in the same bag as my antibiotic. This is bad because anytime I want to turn over at night I have to get up and move the bag along with all my pillows. And I turn over a lot at night. This all equals me getting very little sleep because I can't stop moving.

It's like that but with a messier bed.

My cats are glad to have me back at home. They've moved from being wheelchair cats to cripple-friendly cats. They love to rub themselves all over my canes and feet when I'm walking. They don't seem to realize that tripping up Dad when he's limping along is a bad idea. Ah well. They've been cute, cuddling with me as I finish up all the studying I missed while in the hospital. They don't seem to mind as long as I'm here to give them a belly rub every once and a while. A good reminder to keep things simple.

You may commence with belly rubs now!

As the weather has warmed up I've gotten out and biked a fair bit. This has given a chance to see the turtles coming out to enjoy the fresh spring. Sun, food, a place to sleep... simple needs. On that note I'm going to take a nap and try not to turn too much.

Sleepy turtle is sleepy.

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