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Friday, March 30, 2012

How Surgery Went

In my last entry I didn't know when I was going to undergo surgery. As it turned out I went into surgery the next morning (yesterday). I met with surgeons and a plastic surgeon who were all going to be working together, making sure the wound was cleaned out and closed right. The surgery itself didn't take that long, at least it didn't seem like it to me because I was under anesthesia.

Count back from 100. Here goes. 100. 99. 98.. 97... 96........95.......

I woke up feeling sore but generally alright but with three drains in my back. The surgery went well: the surgeons cut into my back, cleaning out the wound all the way down to the spine. The plastic surgeons moved the surrounding skin and muscles over the wound to seal it shut. The three drains keep the area from filling with any fluid. I'm being pumped with multiple types of antibiotics to keep any more infections from forming.

I have three of these bulb drains near the bottom of the incision.

This whole process is mostly inconvenient to my life on the outside world. I'm missing tons of classes which will make my studies that much more challenging. I knew I was going to miss some school but this is more than I had expected. I'm having to cancel my trip to Colorado to visit my friends and witness the birth of my godson. I had saved up for months to pay for this trip. When my best friend in Colorado said she was pregnant I knew I had to be there for her and her new son. I am still going to visit Colorado but I will probably have to delay it until after my finals in May. And last but not least I'm having to drop out of the play put on by Encore Theater Company, our local community theater. The play Sylvia by A.R. Gurney is about a dog and the middle aged couple who adopts her, and the drama that results. I was cast as the slightly insane marriage counselor who suggests shooting the dog. This was the first time I had gotten an onstage part in a play. I regret having to drop out but I don't feel I can do the part justice if I am gone until right before the play is performed besides not feeling physically up to the part.

Highlights from another theater company's performance of Sylvia.

Stiff and sore I am more or less okay. I've made some short walks to the bathroom but otherwise have been in bed the whole time. I hope to be up and about before too long with the possibility of doing physical therapy at Kennedy Krieger outpatient. It remains to be seen how soon I recover but I am stuck here in Baltimore until the plastic surgeons can remove the drains in my back. I want to make sure all the fluid is gone before I leave because I want to make sure I'm not back here for surgery any time soon.

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