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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I am a paraplegic

This site is devoted to the journey I've taken to start walking again. That being said I want to embrace the title I've been given: paraplegic.

Now once you've been injured you don't simply stop being one, your life is fundamentally altered. Now this doesn't mean your life gets worse, though some times it can seem that way. It means simply that how you viewed the world, how the world viewed you, and how you viewed your body is fundamentally different.

And you think you're cooler than this guy. REALLY?

My goal is to walk without the assistance of canes, to have the use of my ankle back, and to walk so that I can go once more into a crowd without being noticed. Even after accomplishing all this though, I will still be a paraplegic. It's kind of like being a marine, in that there is no such thing as an ex-paraplegic. (though we DO get better parking than most marines)

This being said I want to put the word out about, a spinal cord support group. I shied away from this kind of sight because it's still hard to look back and admit what I am. But I'm finally getting rid of that.
This site is for those with new spinal cord injuries, family and friends of SCI, and people who just want to learn more about what this entails.

Please, do yourself a favor: Take five minutes of your time and educate yourself. Find out something you didn't know about paraplegics and quadriplegics. I've had countless people say to me, "I can't imagine what you must have gone through." If you want a glimpse visit this site.

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  1. It’s good to know that you were able to walk again, Peter. This just proves that all you need to do is persevere and overcome these hurdles; and in the end, everything will fall into place. So how does it feel now? Being able to use your legs again? I know that you are stronger today. And because you have a goal in mind, I am positive that you're doing better today.

    Erminia Cavins