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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

****ing Expensive High Tech Piece of ****!

So what happens the week before I'm scheduled to go back to Kennedy Krieger for boot camp? My leg brace goes schistzo and decides to stop working!!!

So I wore it to and from Minnesota, which was a surprisingly uneventful trip through the airport. I wore it this morning to and from physical therapy, no problems. And then during lunch I get up and the computer is dead. I turn it on and off a few times to make sure I didn't just hit the switch by accident. Nope, still dead. I sit down to give the computer and leg brace a closer look and magically it's working again. I stand up, it lasts for 1 step. Then it's dead again. We go to the car and as soon as I've stiff legged it over there. As soon as I'm in the front seat again, the leg is working again. It makes it three steps before it dies again.

I know it is not a dead battery because I charged it up the night before. The computer is supposed to last 30 hours of the motor running. My best guess is that there are some loose wires somewhere in the leg brace. A leg brace of mine would have to have a few loose wires what with my brain being a little strangely wired to begin with.

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