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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Council of Disabled Animal Friends, Part 1

Since my nerves are screwed up, I occasionally get moments when the nerves go haywire and send me random nerve sensations. These can be pretty freaky,making me feel like a bunch of loose wires a curious kid has hooked up to some batteries. These sensations can range from barely there to annoying to uncomfortable to painful. It's impossible to tell which it's going to be.

So during these times it's very helpful to hug a stuffed animal. Since I'm essentially a five year old on the inside anyway I have a small collection of them around. I've since dubbed them the Council of Disabled Animal Friends.

I took pictures of the ones I could easily find on hand. I'll will post more as they return from whatever portion of the globe where they are currently on vacation.

Marvin the Mouse

Marvin is blind. He met an unfortunate accident when the buttons that were his eyes were chewed off by the cat of his previous owner. He is chairman of the council, since he has been stuffed animal in residence for the longest period of time. He makes sure that all bylaws of the the council are followed and the special needs of all its participants are met.

Ralph the Cold Bug

Ralph was born with no arms or legs. He belonged to a dear friend of mine until recently, given as a gift way back in high school. When word got out that I was in a car wreck she sent Ralph to me, figuring I could use the company of an old friend. And in that capacity he has excelled. Ralph is head of security for the council; since he's a cold bug he knows the ins and outs of disease and other potentially disruptive elements.

Eric the Sea Turtle

Eric has learning and behavioral disabilities (the tongue), though it's impolite to ask too many questions. He was the gift of an amazing friend out in Colorado. When browsing through a yard sale, she saw Eric and was reminded of me (I've had my association with turtles for a long time). She told the story of my accident and recovery to the women running the yard sale, who gave Eric to her for free. She held on to him until I move back to Colorado. Eric is in charge of public relations for the council. I mean come on, who wouldn't love this guy! As he is the biggest and squishiest of the council, he is the one most often hugged in times of emotion or crisis. He doesn't say a whole lot, but if you need him he's there for you.

More to come later...

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