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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Boot Camp

I'm going back to Kennedy Krieger! I haven't been back since January for a round of BOOT CAMP!

For anyone who missed the update in January I'm going to be spending two weeks of hard work, 5 days a week of 3+ hours of physical therapy. It's kind of like a booster shot for my physical therapy program. They measure quantitatively where I am physically, see what my goals are, and see what I can do. Last time I went we spent a lot of time working on my gait, on weight shifting, and on endurance.

Though I know this depends on me I'm hoping to see a change from where I am now. In January I came in tired, worn down, and hardly walking at all. I left doing stairs, walking with canes, and walking long distances. This time I'm feeling pretty good, walking around with my new robo leg, although at the moment it's only working sporadically. I'm not using canes nearly as much as I should but I walked for over 2 hours with my crutches when I visited Minnesota.

I need to find some goals to work on but I know whatever they are, I'm going to be doing better then I am now. I always feel like my PT program has gotten a huge shot of adrenaline when I go. I love KKI and every time I leave feeling energized and excited about life again. I miss everyone there and I can't wait to get back!

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