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Monday, November 1, 2010

Roadtrip Day 1: Minds up in the clouds

Day one of traveling has us tired. We're all exhausted and making very interesting choices:

Today while looking through the food bag, I can only assume that Mom was thinking about the gloves I wear. She very clearly offered me a "Velcro sandwich". Needless to say it didn't sound so enticing.

When about to hit the highway, passed the signs showing the different routes. Moving toward the eastbound highway, I asked my Dad "Don't we want the westbound highway?" He answered kindly, "No son, we're headed toward the EAST coast."

When finally hitting the motel for the night, my Dad reached into his wallet to hand us the key. Instead of the key he handed us a pass to the Denver Museum of Natural History and Science; it took me three tries in the magnetic door lock to realize that this wasn't the key after all.

We're all tired and brain dead. We're at the edge of Kansas with the rest of the country in front of us. One day down...

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  1. Peter... this was hilarious. Try to find the humor in the crazy moments!! hugs.... Love, Big Sis