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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting home and my new kittens

So I'm now here in North Carolina. I realized I left the blog on a cliffhanger which is just irresponsible. So here is what my life looks like now that I'm here.

I'm in physical therapy in our local medical complex. My therapist Mindy is great, challenging me and pushing me harder. She has me working not only the bulk muscles required to move my limbs but on the fine control muscles in the limbs I already have.

So my big news: I'm moving my left on land! I had found underwater that I was able to bend and extend my leg from the knee, as well as the hipflexers I already had. Yesterday for the first time I was able to drag my leg across the carpet using only the muscles surrounding my knee. This is extremely promising (although it's obviously only the first step in a very long road).

I go swimming around the YMCA three times a week, working once a week with a personal trainer, a nurse who specializes in aqua-therapy. She pushes me in the water to do more than I can do any place else.

And I got two kittens. They help with my mental state of mind, very important considering my body is going through so much. They are adorable. The orange striped one is Hobbes and the Calico is named Terra. I will post pictures of them once I get to a wifi spot. My parents only have dial-up so it takes too long to post them on here. Those of you who are friends on facebook keep an eye out for pictures.

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  1. OMG,You can move your left leg now thats amazing. Last I saw you, you could barley move your toe. Your making great progress. Glad to hear everything is going smoothly.