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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Story of Hope: Colin Heffern

This is not someone famous but simply a guy that fate has let me meet. This fall I will be moving out to Colorado and living in one of the University apartments with my brother. The previous tenant was a guy by the the name of Colin. A quadriplegic himself, he was injured on campus and set up with pretty nice digs.

Colin is a senior at Colorado State University studying landscape architecture. In high school, he was an avid athlete partaking in golf, tennis, swimming, and soccer and excelling in all. During his freshman year at CSU, he was injured doing a belly flop into a pile of leaves and has been paralyzed below the shoulders ever since. In the spring of 2008, he had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia.

(That blurb was from, a fundraiser that uses a swim event to raise millions for athletes who have suffered serious injury or illness)

Since he is a quadriplegic, the apartment is already adapted for wheelchair use, with a roll in shower, automatic front door, and other stuff (I'm not actually sure what else, I haven't been there in person yet). Colin has made the best of his situation, graduating this past spring in landscape design. He is going to attend grad school in California in the fall.

It is one thing to hear about someone overcoming adversity, but it is another to meet (or at least talk on the phone) to someone in a very similar situation who went on full steam with his college career and beyond. Maybe this is doable after all.


  1. Of COURSE ITS DOABLE ;) sheesh dude i have seen you do more in the last couple weeks than you should be able to do. Look at how far you have gotten! Btw (door button= kick ass)! I scold you pete. i scold you very quietly, because im not really mad. I want to see you smile everyday. look at what we have done so far these last couple weeks.....
    we have taken a walk at the park and watched fireworks over the water, we have hung out at walmart and eaten bcb, we have taken a night walk at the park in the grass and watched the stars, we have talked 4 hours... we can still have fun, and alot of it. I am overjoyed that your home and you know, you have been my friend for a long time and we have only just begun to get to know eachother. I wont give up on our friendship anytime soon. Remember Gelato! we have a few more bcb tuesdays to enjoy....btw i say we play pool next time!