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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Even though my stats have all been going up, my parents are still worried that I am not getting enough nutrients. I have been drink a drink called "Boost" which is a dietary supplement drink. Tastes metallic but is otherwise alright. I guess in the long run it's a good thing, though I've had to force myself to drink them all before we leave (everything that is not either mailed/stored/eaten we will have to carry with us.

It reminds me of this:


  1. Have you thought of eating tons and tons of vitamin gummmy bears, or Flinstone vitamins?

  2. I actually already take a multivitamin every day with my other pills. I was drinking the Boost to give my body extra nutrients while I was recovering from various surgeries. Now we have a ton left and we don't want to ship them cross country with us on our road trip west

  3. Gummy bears would taste better!

  4. omfg now i am rotflmfao! wow i am bipolar but thats a trip!