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Friday, April 2, 2010

Phone Calls

I want to say in advance that I have been playing phone tag with many of my readers (since most of my readers are family or friends). This is partly an explanation to all of you for why I don't answer your calls or call you back.

I have to say that being stuck in a bed all day sucks. This should be obvious, but it also presents its own challenges. I get a TON of phone calls during the day, from concerned family, friends, and distant acquaintances. (Now I JUST want to say, I value the fact that I have a support network of this kind. I consider myself extremely lucky)

Since I don't carry my phone with me to therapy (who needs THAT kind of interruption) I generally keep it at the side of my bed. When I am here it seems like my phone never stops ringing. I want to give the example of this past Sunday. I woke up around 10 oclock since it was my one day off. I ate lunch around 11:30. It was near the end of my lunch that I got a call from a friend out in Colorado. I then spent the better part of the next 7 hours on the phone. When that friend was winding down, I got a call from my mother. During her call I got another call from Colorado. and so on and so on. I did have some breaks between, but my day of rest included mostly catching people up on my situation.

Others, knowing my schedule quite well, call me after I'm done with therapy during the day. While I love you all, there are limits to how much I really want to talk to people. And during the middle of a tiring week after a tiring day, you are not my highest priority. Imagine working double shifts everyday, six days a week. Then imagine everyone you know calling to check up on you because you are working so hard. So don't be offended if on a particular day, I don't really want to talk to you.

Like I said, I am honored that so many people care about me. I really really am. But now you might be able to understand why you're not hearing from me all the time.

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