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Thursday, April 1, 2010


I'm extremely excited about my release this Saturday. I'm finally being released into a place where I don't have to get a whole bunch of paperwork, go through an elevator, past security guards, to cross the street with a chaperon. I'm am so sick of hospital beds, hospital food, and the sterile feel of the hospital. While I still have therapy, a large part of my routine will now be up to me. They see me as fit enough to return home and care for myself: I transfer myself in and out of bed, I can take all my pills on time, I can wipe my own ass. I am so glad to be leaving!

This is not all joyous; I will miss the people who helped me get here. As perhaps my favorite nurse checked off that I knew what the side effects/times of my pills were, I was sad that I wouldn't see her for a while (it was the last time I would see her before I was discharged). I will come and visit, but it's not the same as having someone there, able to talk to you at the push of a button. Here at Kennedy I have been extremely lucky in that I like all of my nurses and all of my therapists. At other places there were definitely people I didn't like at all on staff. Here I can only think of people who I didn't know that well or I didn't know at all.

I'll be going to my aunt and uncle's place. They've set up a mini-apartment down in their basement(to be honest it's actually bigger than my first apartment. And nicer too). It'll be good just to sleep in a normal bed again, surrounded by normal things. I'm looking forward to not having to listen to the constant buzz of people and machines.

This is the real test of all my skills. I'll see if I'm really able to use any of them in the real world. I'm pretty confident that things will go well. I see blue skies in my future.

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  1. You've never let anything stop you before, I don't see any way you won't succeed. You'll push yourself there one way or another!