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Monday, April 26, 2010

Freedom (Take Two)

Yesterday I had my steering meeting, the meeting in which the plan for my care is decided. Everyone who is going to be involved in any part of therapy is there, along with nurses, social workers, case managers, doctors, etc. They all agree on what needs to be done for me. Finally they give me my planned release date: This Thursday, April 29.

Soon my recent experiences with hospitals will be over. Not that all of it has been bad; there were a slew of amazing nurses and aids, a couple of fun trips, and some fun activities. Yet on the whole I cannot call my experience a positive one, just a necessary one. I'll still be dealing with them in some form for quite a while (out-patient rehab), but I hope not to see the inside of one as anything but a visitor again for a long time.

I go back to my Aunt and Uncle's place, north of Baltimore. I look forward to being able to set my own schedule, make my own plans, and above all having two seconds of privacy for once (you just never really get a sense of privacy with people always opening and shutting your door, coming to check on you). I was only at my aunt and uncle's for a week, but I already felt like I had already gotten into the rhythm of the house. Part of me is reluctant to call this going home, which I've reserved for my trip back to Colorado in the fall. But it's filled with people who love me, running and giggling kids, food out the wazoo, and a room filled with crap that is distinctly mine. Since I can't go home yet, this is the best replacement I could have found.

My homecoming is bittersweet. I left happy and strong, and I come home weak and sobered. I come back with an understanding that my strength is fragile; I need to appreciate my going back even more. The big difference is I'm here to stay this time.

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  1. Sweet Sweet Peter! Just wanted you to know you are an inspiration to so many! Your strength and willingness is amazing, not only to me, to many many others!

    To watch you, the fragile gentle souled man you are, so innocent and trusting, caring and loving, creative and exotic, you are a truely amazing person, DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT!

    We are counting the days until you are HOME, Colorado and all it has awaits you and welcomes you with open arms!

    Take care of you, get strong, and we will go sky diving! (and I will do this with you, but i am scared to death of heights, so it would be defying for both of us) Miss you much! Talk to you soon! Much Love Always!