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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Turtle Is Back

To those who sent me comments about me hang gliding, I'm glad you were so excited about it but you really need to check the date that it was posted (hint hint).

Life is different at the bottom of the pool. I love the freedom I have when I enter the water. A measure of my improvement is how well my muscles work in the water. Right now I can move my leg back forth, up and down, kick it out and pull it back... it's like having two full legs again. It's been a long time since I could say that.

I've always loved the water. It allows movement that is impossible on land, free of annoying gravity. My muscles are now strong enough that I can do a flutter kick and the kick is getting strong every time I do it. I can see those small improvements exaggerated by the water. The water allows me not only to kick but to spin, do somersaults, wave my legs back and forth, you name it.

A strange phenomenon that I've noticed is that my goggles end up acting as lenses. Something about their shape and the distortion allows me to see in perfect clarity even though I have my glasses on. So I leave the blurry world above and find myself in a crystal clear pool will moves I lacked above. I spend so much time under the water that I probably spend more time below than I do up above breathing! Don't worry I come up for air, though I wish I could stay at the bottom of the pool forever.

My friend who had an injury higher than mine recently got a chance to go in the pool at Kennedy Krieger. The pool was the thing that finally made all the therapy I was doing click; the efforts of my therapist made sense in the context of the water. I hope the water gives him a new perspective on his injury, his therapy, and life. I know it did for. But then I am a turtle after all...

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