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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wish my life came in four wheel drive

Because I'm stuck.

Things are actually going fairly well. I'm working out in PT, swimming at the YMCA, and walking a whole bunch with my brace. It's not that things haven't improved at all; look at last year compared to now: no movement vs. walking around a ton. So in perspective things look pretty good.

I'm just kind of stuck in the "making do" phase, where I have to live with what I've got and learn to use it. Not to say that I won't improve, but there's not much I can do to force new nerves to grow any faster. So in the meantime I'm stuck waiting. I have the hope of my new brace coming, which is very exciting believe me. But it'll probably be a few weeks until it comes in, gets adjusted, and I can finally use it. I'm working hard to strengthen the muscles I already have, but I'm only one or two miles in and I have the rest of the marathon to finish.

My dad once told me that war was 99% pure boredom and 1% pure terror. If that's the case this is definitely war on my body. It's not like I don't have things to do here (lord knows I wish I could do away with a few) but my routine stays the same. I'm not even close to done and yet the road keep stretching on into the distance. I just wish I could have a clear concise YOU DID IT! and move on. Such is life I guess.

And for all those other people who are single on Valentine's Day, here's to us:

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  1. I know it must be incredibly hard beyond anything I've ever endured. But your progress IS amazing and I am amazed by each of your stories. All I can say is, get that next mile done and let the marathon worry about itself. You CAN do it!