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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Here We Go Again

So it starts again. Monday morning I awoke to find that I couldn't roll over. My back, usually stiff and achy, was on fire. My right side felt like it was being stabbed, then kicked over and over. I went to the doctor to make sure there wasn't something immediately wrong; they couldn't find anything so switched me to a different set of painkillers.

The best guess anyone has is that I either pulled a muscle over my rib or my bad posture in my wheelchair caused the muscle to temporarily tighten up. I don't like either but a bit of rest seems to have made the rib slightly better (I at least made it to classes today).

This is simply another chapter in the never ending depressing novel that has become my life. I wished I could get out of the non-fiction section; being in the sci-fi section is so much more exciting. Hell I'd even settle for being in the romance section (at least I'd have tons of readers and I'd have a sexy embossed picture with my shirt mysteriously absent).

Not the worst that's happened and certainly not the last; not by a long shot. So plodding on through this new swamp. I like pavement better because it's easier to wheel.

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