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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Boot Camp Day 2-3: Exciting Possibilities

Days two and three of Boot Camp have gone pretty smoothly. There are a few things that are exciting, ignoring the grueling exercises to build strength and endurance. The two most exciting were getting to trial a new type of ankle brace and getting to work on one of their high-tech treadmills.

Carbon Fiber AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis)

This model has a ton less material compared to my old AFO.

The carbon fiber AFO is made of stronger material than the soft plastic one I'm using now. This allows them to use less material. My real one most likely won't look exactly this; it may have more straps, more plastic along the sides, and I will likely need some kind ankle stabilizer to keep it from rolling. Regardless of what it end up looking like it is something to work toward. I will likely be trialing a few different models in the coming week and a half. I won't be ready to switch to the new brace full time right away but just having a goal will help me push myself forward.

Split-belt Treadmill

The model in the PT gym had belts that looked like tank treads. I secretly hoped it transformed into a tank and would run down its enemies. Sadly it was not and did not.

This is essentially just a treadmill with a bunch of extra functions but it was cool to test out some of these "fun" features. For instance, the two belts are capable of moving at different speeds. The treads can also move backwards, and at an incline.

Okay it's not really all that exciting but it beats walking in place and staring at a wall. These different features help to challenge my balance, strength, and coordination through walking.It's simply another tool in my therapist's arsenal.These will include different walking devices, leg supports, electrical stimulation units, and a wii (I have played it during past trips though not during this one. Yet.) We'll see what I end up using and what I will take away and use in my PT program at home.

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