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Monday, January 9, 2012

Rain, rain, go away...

I used to really like winter. I was a skier, got excited by the thought of snow slopes, snowball fights, and the like. Now it just brings back bad memories. I did this last winter too. Last January there was snow on the ground and I glowered at the clouds obscuring the skyline. I sulked around the house, remembering being stuck in a nursing home for a month. No snow on the ground this January but the clouds look exactly the same.

Almost a week after the car accident I re-broke my right arm in an ill-directed roll in physical therapy. It was decided that I needed to stay in a nursing home for a month, so as not injure myself again. Though I was not looking forward to going to a nursing home, it was better than staying at Kernan Hospital (there website makes it look so positive but it most certainly is NOT), a dismal and depressing place. So I was transferred, getting the hell out of dodge, to a nursing home with rehab services.

If anyone remembers the winter of early 2010, Baltimore was hit with two massive snow storm, 20-30'' of snow apiece. For two weeks straight it almost impossible for anyone to get in or out. My own brother, who flew out to visit with me for a week, only managed to see me one day of his stay. I had been given a journal which I wrote into furiously with any idea that came across my mind; I had TV (5 channels), facebook, and email. Other than that, I spent my time starring at my leg, willing for my toes to move again (which they refused to do for almost a month); that or starring out the wind at the gray skies and the snow drifts.

Eventually I got my toes to move, my ankle to twitch, and the muscle in my thigh to twitch. I know the ending to the story, so I know that sunshine, sping, summer, walking, and great triumphs are just around the corner. I know that this story has a happy ending at the end of it (happy-ish anyway) and I know that come February I would go to Kennedy Krieger and my life would turn around. I would meet great friends, I would take on the turtle as my mascot, and I would walk again. But until I get there, all I'll do is look and glower at the clouds.

Stupid rainclouds...

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