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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Disabled Angry Bear Test

Today I was re-evaluated in physical therapy, it being a month since I started out patient therapy. It's hard to believe it's been that long, as well as being the start of the 6th month after the accident. Time is funny that way.

I was used to most of the evaluation already, having undergone similar things many many times in different forms over the months. It mostly consists of poking and prodding, testing my sensation, as well as measuring my strength and range of motion. New to this evaluation was testing how long I could stand and walk. This is new because I've only just recently started standing and walking with a brace. My endurance is already getting better, as I was able to walk two times around the gym area without stopping (I forget what she measured this as, but it was far enough).

One test she had me do was a speed test, in order to see how fast I could safely walk with the brace and walker. I dubbed it "The Angry Bear Test," as it's how fast you could run away from an angry bear (my words, not the therapists). I managed to go the 10m in about 33 secs. Not amazing time but it gives me a goal to strive for. When I let my parents know the results of the tests, I also let them know what I had nicknamed the test. My dad pointed out that at that speed, the only bear I would be able to outrun is a bear with amputations. So I've renamed is "The Disable Angry Bear Test."

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